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What is Dwolla?

Never heard of Dwolla?  It's an online payment system developed and headquartered here in Iowa - see "Dwolla in the News"

Dwolla Highlights BCLUW

BCLUW online payment system highlighted on Dwolla's website here (describing advantages to both parents and the school of using this system), as well as in "The Next Web"

Online Payments

Pay Lunch Account Online with Dwolla

You can now make payments online - using a computer or smart phone - into your child’s lunch account at BCLUW, using a payment system called “Dwolla” that was built here in Iowa.  Dwolla allows you to easily make online payments from any bank account (savings or checking) to BCLUW, and eliminates the hassle (to you) of sending checks or cash, and high transaction fees (to the school) of using a credit card-based payment system.  

This system also allows anyone else (such as other family members) with a Dwolla account, regardless of where they live, to easily make payments to your child’s lunch account.  You can also make single payments, or easily set up recurring payments (such as weekly or monthly) into your family’s lunch account.

IMPORTANT: You must sign up for a Dwolla account to pay through this service.  There is no cost to sign up for Dwolla, and no additional fee to you when sending payments to BCLUW using this system.  You can go to to learn more about their payment system, and to sign up.  You will need to have an active savings or checking account to use the service.  Credit/Debit cards are not accepted.  You will need to verify your funding source bank account using a few security measures, which will take 2-3 days, before you can make a payment.  

If you have questions regarding registration or any other Dwolla related questions, please contact Dwolla Support at 1.888.289.8744 or . BCLUW's point of contact with Dwolla is Ian Zimmerman, and he would happy to assist any of our parents with questions on the process.


How long does it take a payment to process?  There are two answers - 

1.  Payments from your bank to the school using dwolla typically take ~ 3 days (as "pending") before processed.

2.  If you "deposit" (into your personal dwolla account from a bank account), once the ~ 3 day processing time has occurred, those funds (or any portion of them) are then available to send at any time / immediately to the school (or other merchant that accepts dwolla).

Who else accepts Dwolla? Go HERE


Instructions for Paying

1. Set up your personal Dwolla account at  Once you've set up your account and linked it to your bank accout, click HERE for the Dwolla “BCLUW Schools” site.

2.  Enter the amount, and whether this will be a single or recurring (weekly / bimonthly / monthly) payment.

3.  In the “Details” box, enter what you are paying for, i.e.

money for Smith family lunch account”

If you are a friend / other family member (not the custodial parent) please enter the student/s first & last names in the "details" box, so our business office will be sure to get the funds entered into the correct family’s lunch account)

4.  You will be asked to continue with the “next steps” of entering your PIN and confirming the transaction.

 *** Keep in mind that while we may expand use of this system in the near future, we are only accepting payments through DWOLLA for lunch accounts at this time.***