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Open Enrollment

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Elementary STEM

Open Enrollment to BCLUW

A small school with big opportunities, BCLUW consistently demonstrates itself as a high achieving school district.  With an additional wide variety of athletics, fine arts, the Leader in Me Program, multiple STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs infused into the classroom, and other extracurriculars such as Art Club, Science Club, and FFA, there are extensive opportunities for students to be involved as a team, learn beyond the classroom, and become leaders within the school and community.


Open enrollment is the process by which Iowa parents/guardians residing in one school district may enroll their children tuition-free into another school district.  If you are considering open enrollment to BCLUW for the upcoming school year, the deadline for regular filing is March 1, for students that will be in grades 1-12, and Sept. 1 for incoming Kindergarten students.  The preschool program at BCLUW is not subject to open enrollment or any residency requirements; parents residing in any Iowa school district can apply for tuition-free admission for their incoming 4-year old children to the preschool program at BCLUW by contacting the elementary.

You can find a copy of the open enrollment application form and directions HERE or can pick up an application form in the district administrative office (located in the high school in Conrad).  Completed forms should be submitted to both your resident district, and to: BCLUW Superintendent of Schools, PO Box 670, Conrad, IA.  50621

Open Enrollment - frequently asked questions

 Q- Is there any additional charge for open enrolling?
  A - No.  While there are typically small charges in any school for things like a textbook fee / registration, and for meals, there is no fee or parent-paid tuition for open  
  enrolling to another district.
 Q- In order to help make up my mind, can I visit first?
 A- Yes, definitely.  Our building principals at BCLUW would be happy to visit with you about educational programs and facilities, show you around, and help answer any  questions you may have. 
 Q- What if I decide to open enroll in, but later change my mind?
 A- That's OK.  As long as you've completed the paperwork by the March 1 deadline (or later for "good cause" late filing as described in the Open Enrollment Directions),  you can always later change your mind.  In Iowa, a parent/guardian always has the right to "end" their child's open enrollment out at any time, and return to a school in   their district of residence. 
 Q- What about transportation?
 A- With open enrollment, the parent/guardian is responsible for arranging transportation; either to the school building, or to an approved bus pickup/drop-off location within  the BCLUW school district.
 Q- What is a "good cause" reason for filing after the March 1 deadline that might be accepted?
 A- The most common is changing your school district of residence.  When a family moves to a different school district, they are able to open-enroll out after the March 1  deadline.  Other, less common reasons a late filed open enrollment "may" be approved can be found in the Open Enrollment Directions link towards the top of this page.
   If you have other questions about opportunities at BCLUW or open enrollment, please contact Superintendent Ben Petty at 641-366-2819