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Bus Routes & Schedules

Summer Rec Shuttle

Shuttle Bus Route also Monday through Friday.  Leaving the softball complex in Conrad at 8:00 AM then to Beaman Park at 8:05, then to the Liscomb Park at 8:25, then to Union Middle School at 8:35, then the Whitten Park at 8:45, and returning to Conrad by 9:00 AM.  At noon leave Conrad softball complex at 12:00PM (noon) taking the route home- Conrad to Whitten- to Union- to Liscomb- to Beaman, and back to Conrad.

Shuttle BUS Times

*Wednesday*  10 minutes earlier

5:20/5:10* leave Union

5:27/5:17* leave Whitten

5:34/5:24* leave Liscomb

6:00/5:50* leave Conrad (High School)

6:05/5:55* leave Beaman

6:20/6:10* leave Liscomb

6:27/6:17* leave Whitten

6:34/6:24* Union