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Activity Calendar

High school activities or scheduled gym events are coded in GOLD

Middle school activities or scheduled gym events are coded in GREEN

Elementary school gym items are coded in RED

BCLUW Activities Calendar


Here are the addresses you will need to copy and paste for each of the calendars. Please read instructions below carefully - if you click on the calendar links instead of copy/paste, you will download a "static" version of the calendar that will not be updated.  The instructions provide a path for you to be connected to a "live" version of the calendar.

BCLUW High School Activities Calendar


BCLUW Middle School Activities Calendar


BCLUW Elementary Activities Calendar


To subscribe to a calendar in iCal:

  1. Choose Calendar > Subscribe.  ( In the newer Calendar app, Choose   File - New Calendar Subscription )

  2. Enter the web address for the calendar you want to subscribe to, and then click Subscribe.

  3. Type a name for the calendar in the Name field and choose a calendar color from the adjacent pop-up menu.

    • If you have a MobileMe account, choose whether you want the calendar to be located only on your Mac or on your MobileMe account. If you want to view a subscription calendar in iCal and on devices with iOS 4, choose your MobileMe account.

    • If you want to receive any to-do items or attachments or hear any alarms associated with the calendar, deselect the appropriate Remove checkboxes.

    • If you want iCal to update your copy of this calendar when changes to it are published on the Internet, choose the update frequency from the “Auto-refresh” pop-up menu.

  4. Click OK.

    The calendar you’ve subscribed to appears in your Calendar list under the heading “Subscriptions.” To make changes to the calendar, select it, and then choose Edit > Get Info.

To subscribe to a calendar from a link on the Internet or in an email you’ve received, click the link. For example, you can subscribe to any of the holiday, sports, or other general calendars in the Calendar Library on the iCal website. To see what calendars are available in the iCal Calendar Library, choose Calendar > Find Subscriptions.


Here are the Outlook directions

Step 1: Click the drop-down arrow next to the Calendar name that you want to synchronize with Outlook 2007 and choose "Calendar Settings"

Step 2. Right-Click the Green icon that says "ICAL" and choose "Copy Link Location". Alternatively, you can click the ICAL icon and copy the URL to the clipboard that appears in the popup dialog.

Step 3. Now in Outlook, choose Tools - Account Settings and click the Internet Calendars tab. Press Ctrl+V to paste the URL of the ICS file that you copied in the previous step. Click Add.

The Internet Calendar is now part of your Outlook Send/Receive group and whenever you press F5, Outlook will synchronize its content with the online Google Calendar.

Remember that it's only a one-way data transfer. New events added to Outlook won't be published to the Google Calendar. In that case, you will have to export Outlook calendar to ICAL format file and import it in Google Calendar.